NexGen is a proud member of the Saskatchewan community. We have a culture of optimizing value to all stakeholders including our employees, the local communities near which we operate, the Province of Saskatchewan, the Government of Canada and our investors both across Canada and abroad. Where appropriate we source our supplies from local businesses first ensuring that the rates paid remain competitive with other sources of supplies when looked at in totality. In addition, we employ as many individuals from the surrounding communities as we can, starting from the closest communities.

NexGen believes in the power of natural resource development in creating wealth for multiple generations of individuals. Furthermore, we believe in the sector's ability to grow not only employment opportunities but also educational ones as well. NexGen has supported many local schools and organizations in promoting education to the young people in our community. Some of the initiatives NexGen has sponsored in the local communities include: 

  • Sponsorship of local breakfast programs, feeding over 1000 students daily. 
  • La Loche student apprenticeship programs.
  • Sponsorship of local La Loche hockey and volleyball teams. 
  • Camp Quest: Mining Rocks Earth Science Program.
  • La Loche school field trips. 

Additionally, NexGen has initiated a program of dog fostering at site which enables local dogs without current owners to enjoy 'camp living' whilst awaiting a new family to adopt them.

NexGen is proud of its work with the communities surrounding its projects. The Company believes it is critical to not only financially support local initiatives like the ones mentioned above, but also to have the local communities take ownership of the projects by developing training programs, infrastructure and employment opportunities. 


NexGen puts the safety of its employees and local communities first. Mineral exploration and development can be a dangerous work environment, but this can be minimized by creating a culture of safety for all those involved or affected. NexGen is proud of our safety record which remains in excellent condition. We have a comprehensive Health and Safety program that exceeds all regulations and guidelines, and outlines, in detail, protocols and procedures in order to minimize the safety incidents at site. We have employed a strict discipline of safety and constantly reviewing best practice procedures. 


Nuclear energy is one of the cleanest forms of energy on the planet with close to zero carbon emissions. NexGen believes that a minimal carbon footprint should be extended all the way down the supply chain of nuclear energy to exploration and development of uranium assets. As a result, we focus on minimizing our environmental footprint and by helping to conserve the nature around us. We have a superb track record and continuously review areas in which improvement is possible. It goes even further though; we view the uranium mining business as being a critical part of a more sustainable global environment and economy.