Research sources and external links

American Nuclear Society
A not-for-profit, international scientific and educational organization.

Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
A vendor of nuclear power reactors.

Canadian Nuclear Association
A non-profit organization which promotes the development of nuclear energy.

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
A federal nuclear control agency which oversees a regulatory system and licenses activities related to nuclear energy:

Canadian Nuclear Society
A not-for-profit scientific and educational organization.

Energy Information Administration
A statistical agency of the US Department of Energy.

International Atomic Energy Agency
An intergovernmental forum for scientific and technical co-operation in the nuclear field.

Natural Resources Canada
A Canadian government department specializing in energy, minerals and metals, forests and earth sciences.

New York Nuclear Corporation
A brokerage and consulting service for the commercial nuclear power industry.

Nuclear Energy Institute
An organization which focuses on shaping policy that ensures the beneficial uses of nuclear energy and related technologies.

Saskatchewan Geological Survey

Saskatchewan Mining Association
This organization provides public information to promote a better understanding of the role played by mining in the socio-economic life of Saskatchewan.

The Nuclear Energy Agency

TradeTech is a consulting company that publishes market information and consulting reports related to the nuclear fuel cycle and maintains an extensive database of market information.

Ux Consulting, LLC
UxC is a consulting company which publishes The Ux Weekly, other market and consulting reports regarding the nuclear fuel cycle and a weekly uranium spot price. Please use this link to access the weekly uranium spot price.

World Nuclear Association
An international, non-governmental organization concerned with the entire nuclear fuel cycle.